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"Awareness is essential. To be aware is to be vast, silent and spacious."


Adi's Approach

Adi Vajra is a teacher of truth, interested in sharing and extending the invitation to freedom, presence, and the fulfillment of human potential. He is passionate in his non-dogmatic approach to inner life, and reverent of the ancient mystical core that every spiritual tradition expounds. As a teacher Adi is not concerned with the conventions of language, belief, and structure that many spiritual teachings are based on. For him, the truth of one's inner being is beyond words and concepts, and it is to that ineffable ground that he points to.

The Vajra Heart Community

As a community committed to Truth, we naturally create space and offer support to integrate presence, wisdom, and compassion into our lives. We are given the precious gift of time together to reflect what is deepest and most true within one another.  This is the gift of true Sangha, to invite each other to live in Essence together.  As we open to Essence, we are invited to embody full knowing through self-inquiry, meditative practices, and teachings that are led and taught by Adi. 

The Vajra Heart Teachings

The Vajra Heart teachings make the ancient and esoteric spiritual teachings accessible to the contemporary mind. In one sense a synthesis or blend of teachings that originate in Buddhism, Yoga, Sufism, Shamanism, and Mystic Christianity, the Vajra Heart teachings arise as a current path to spiritual and psychological freedom. With meditation, inquiry, and the art of presence, these teachings address the core of human suffering and confusion, and introduce the Truth that is disguised by consensus reality and its viewpoints. 

What exists within the core of every being is innately free, alive, and precious. These teachings convey the understanding to live these innate possibilities in a real and full way. These teachings are intended to revolutionize the consciousness of those who come into contact with them, and spark a transformation in those ready to come Home.


Adi Vajra is a spiritual teacher living in Hood River, Oregon.  Trained in multiple disciplines such as classical yoga, Shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism, the Enneagram and A Course in Miracles, Adi is a teacher who reaches beyond the confines of doctrine to the authentic ancient core of true knowledge.  He incorporates deep psychological understanding with the energy of presence, and emphasizes living with reverence, clarity and joy, opening to the transmission of sacredness in stillness as well as everyday living.

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